Design thinking based approach

I use the Design Thinking process to guide teams to create user centered products – placing the users needs first, basing the decisions on solid research insights and well defined OKRs. I believe that meeting the customers’ needs is a journey not a destination since they constantly evolve. I did Design Thinking training with IDEO and completed the IBM’s Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner raining program in NYC. I’ve been training corporate teams and graduate students at Rutgers on the design thinking method.


It all starts with getting to know them through both quantitative and qualitative methods. Employing a variety of methods provides holistic, in-depth understanding of what motivates, delights, frustrates and confuses your users.


The define phase allows the team to come together to explore ways to leverage the insights gained to come up with innovative solutions. I have extensive experience facilitating affinity mapping and prioritization sessions.


The design studio sessions continue through the ideate phase where the team converges to sketch and storyboarding. Afterwards me and the designers on my team create wireframes and mockups.


After discussing the ideas, we create clickable prototypes — invaluable tools used for business presentations and usability tests. They ensure that the developers have a thorough understanding of the interactivity.


I’m experienced with various testing methods and applications such as UserZoom. I consolidate the insights gained into actionable plan and facilitate team discussions on how to further optimize the user experience.