My Journey

I got started as a web designer, working at design studios and software development companies where I designed sites using HTML/CSS and Adobe Creative Suite. I’d work for weeks on a design, then present it at a meeting, often hearing subjective and sometimes contradictory opinions. How should I handle the presentation feedback? Is there an objective, research-based methodology to evaluate design? Searching for answers led me to the field of User Experience Design. I eagerly adopted its philosophy and methods for researching the user’s point of view and involving the stakeholders in the process. As a result the design process went much smoother, my designs performed much better. This prompted me to take formal UX and Design Thinking courses and transition to becoming a user experience designer.

I realize how much my success as a designer was due to the incredible resources and support of the design community. As a way to give back, I became a co-chair of the UXPA New Jersey chapter, where I organized and occasionally spoke at events for UX professionals.


After obtaining my BA degree, I realized that since change is the only constant in the dynamic field of digital design, so I need to continuously update my knowledge.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Human-Computer Interaction certificate, 2021
  • IDEO: Human Centered Design certificate, 2019
  • Nielsen Norman Group: User Experience certificate, 2017
  • University of California Irvine: Marketing certificate, 2016
  • California State University San Marcos: BA in Visual Art & Technology, 2006

I complete the circle by using my expertise when teaching the students from the UX Certificate program at the University of Texas, Austin.

What Brings Me Joy


I enjoy being on the move – be it the meditative and deliberate as in yoga an barre, or dynamic and strenuous such as running, dancing, and kayaking.


Traveling, learning about diverse cultures, sampling unique dishes, exploring mountains, beaches, and deserts… It never gets old for me.


My father is an artist and I love all forms of art since childhood. I’ve exhibited in the San Diego’s Museum of the Living Artist and the Del Mar Fair.


English, Bulgarian, Spanish, Russian


in Europe, Asia and the Americas


I’ve designed so far


fuel me through the day

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