Wireframes and Mockups

prototyping for successful results

Wireframe of a responsive website created in Axure

Wireframes are the skeleton of the website. The emphasis is on what will be included, not on how it will look. The wireframes are deliberately kept black-and-white, devoid of graphics. This is a quick way to envision and discuss the merits of various layouts before a lot of time is invested in building the page. This approach encourages critical feedback and exploration since there is no commitment to a specific layout yet.


Mockups are fleshed out wireframes that show what the user interface will look like. All of the design elements are in place. I create a couple of mockups with different imagery, colors and typography. I present them to the stakeholders. The mockups encourage a dialogue between the designer and the business partners because they can easily be altered thus avoiding wasting development resources.


Shown: Wireframe of a responsive website created in Axure.