Successful New Product Web Launches


Thermo Fisher Scientific

New product launches are a lot of responsibility since the company and media spotlight is on the web pages that introduce the product. They require special considerations in order to augment the branding and promotional efforts. They involve extensive work with cross-functional and dispersed teams while keeping up with hard deadlines. I start with sketching various ideas, taking into account the business objectives, the reach of the campaign and the primary persona. As I deliver presentations of wireframes, user scenarios, flow charts and mockups, I take special care to explain the design principles and decisions. Analyzing traffic patterns, heat maps and click maps after launch is essential in order to evaluate the results and further optimize. I have been through many successful launches of multi-million dollar products.

Tools used: Adobe Creative Suite (CQ, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat),  Omniture, Axure, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, OmniGraffle.

Above: New product launch for a multi-million dollar instrument. Below: Screenshots, sketch, wireframe, persona study and heat map for a suite of pages developed for another important instrument launch.

"Lubina is my preferred partner for web design whether it is related to creative new content new product introductions, or redesigning exist pages to improve user experience and better map to digital customer journeys. Lubina has a unique talent for being able to work within a defined structure while at the same time pushing the bounds of creativity to incorporate new technologies and best practices that result in a fresh look and feel.


Lubina’s work always results in measurable improvements, she is easy to collaborate with, and she can be counted on for consummate work even in high pressure, short-deadline projects."


Amy Cuneo
Associate Marketing Director
Thermo Fisher Scientific


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