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As a Sr. Web UX Designer for Thermo Fisher Scientific, one of the world's leading biotech companies, I participate in the entire process of user experience design for the web from analyzing the business requirements through ideation, design, launch and results evaluation. I also deliver design and usability related presentations and training.




I strategically partner with marketing and product managers on redesign projects to keep the web pages current and fresh. I approach the redesign with a customer centric point of view in order to drive sales through improved user experience.

Shown: Before and after screenshots of the Real-time Assays page.

Before After redesign



New Product Launches


New product launches require special considerations in order to augment the branding and promotional efforts. They involve extensive work with cross-functional dispersed teams and tight deadlines. As I deliver presentations of wireframes, user scenarios, flow charts and mockups, I take special care to explain the design principles and decisions. Analyzing traffic patterns, heat maps and click maps after launch is essential in order to evaluate the results and further optimize. I have been through many successful launches of multi-million dollar products.

Shown: The launch page for the  QuantStudio™ 3 & 5 instruments.

Web design for new product launches

Promotional pages


I create the promotional or landing pages for the genetic science division and cancer research marketing groups.


Prior to starting at Thermo Fisher I have done website, email campaigns and landing pages design for other biotech companies: Abgent, MoBio and PAGEGel.

Shown: The landing page for Ion S5™ created in conjunction with the instrument's launch.


Tools used


Adobe Creative Suite (CQ, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat),  Omniture, Axure, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, Visio, OmniGraffle

Web design for promotional pages