Flow Charts and Site Maps

help the customers find their way

flow charts and site maps

Navigation architecture is the foundation and serves as a blueprint for the website. Flow charts and site maps are an integral part of the process of optimally organizing the content on the site.


The site maps are a useful tool to visualize the navigation and pinpoint the most optimal location for a page within the site. I work closely with the information architect and SEO specialist to find the appropriate place for each new page or re-order existing pages for smoother navigation. I also audit the pages to avoid content duplications and redundancies.


Flowcharts represent the process, step-by-step. Creating flow charts helps visualize various paths for visitors to accomplish a task. The flow charts help identify redundancies, unnecessary clicks and other obstacles. I work closely with the information architect and the marketing managers to develop an optimal path for the consumers to efficiently accomplish desired goals.


Shown: Site map for an e-commerce website.