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About Lubina Bogoeva

I am a Senior User Experience Designer, specializing in doing a good job. I have over 10 years experience with web strategy -- creatively translating business goals into user-centered websites. I always strive to make aesthetics and functionality work together to ensure success. I currently work as a Sr. Web UX Designer for Thermo Fisher Scientific, one of the world's leading biotech companies. I drive the creation and re-design of web pages to introduce and promote products, optimize the user experience, drive sales, educate and inspire.

My professional experience includes:

Currently I'm working on a book that summarizes my philosophy and experience - Design 4 Results but I'm still available for full-time work.

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I have designed over 30 websites in the biotechnology, high tech, financial and consumer sectors, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to non-profits and even a heavy metal band. Here are some recent case studies.

The UX Process

I practice user centered design - placing the users needs first, basing my decisions on the best practices and the latest research in the field of user experience. I believe that meeting the customers' needs is a journey not a destination since they constantly evolve. That's why analytics, testing, evaluation and further optimization are essential. I've done several presentations on the main user experience principles to marketing managers and business owners to show how essential the UX design process is to achieving their goals.

View my portfolio to see how the UX process leads to user friendly websites that deliver results:

  • Business requirements and research
  • Flow charts, scenarios and site maps
  • Wireframes, prototypes and mockups
  • Analytics, A/B and multivariate testing




I'm a Senior Web UX/UI Designer who helps corporations achieve result through user-centered web design practices. I advocate for the user and translate business objectives into user friendly websites where form and function work together to drive measurable results. Partnering with business owners and managers as well as doing marketing coursework at University of California Urvine made me aware of how important the a well designed website is to the company's growth. My background in graphic design ensures that the layout, colors, typography and imagery actively contribute to a meaningful user experience. I have extensive experience with Adobe Creative Cloud, HTML/CSS and Axure.
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